Thieves steal materials from Nantwich Garden for people with disabilities

Nantwich volunteer gardeners were stunned after thieves stole more than £ 200 of materials from the Growing Health Community Garden project in Brookfield Park.

The flight left the project without 72 basic “Eco-deck” grids, which form the solid platform for the fully accessible garden.

Project managers (on the picture) think someone may have stolen the gates to order them because 72 gates would create difficult parking for a lane.

The volunteer director of the project, Ashleigh Jackson, said the theft was a real blow.

She said: “It is utterly incredible that these thieves are stealing from some of our city’s most vulnerable, the disabled and the unhealthy – and of the tax dollars that helped fund this project.

“We have started to receive referrals from the NHS and inquiries from people wanting to enjoy the benefits of a little gentle gardening in our friendly community.

“We are so close to seeing the garden help improve people’s lives.

“It made this immoral theft all the more hurtful.”

The project was set up by local gardeners last year to create a safe, friendly and fully accessible space where people from all walks of life, especially the sick and disabled, can recuperate and enjoy the benefits of gardening.

He has already overcome obstacles after moving after the floods and battling repeated lockdowns.

It reached the construction stage with local volunteers creating a network of raised beds and wheelchair accessible trails.

Funding for the project came from Nantwich City Council and the Cheshire East Council Covid Recovery Fund – as well as donations from project volunteers.

Anyone with information on stolen grids is invited to contact Cheshire Police out of 101.

For more information on the project or to make a donation, call 07729 979641 or send an email [email protected]

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